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Customer Testimonails

Pallavi Deshmukh, SKF India Ltd

"The session, apart from being a powerhouse of energy, was exceptionally useful in understanding our stakeholders better and appreciate why certain people behave in a certain way. The technique was extremely retrospective where at each juncture, the team was compelled to think, reflect and review their reactions and perceptions of others. All in all, now we know how to connect better with our stakeholders. This for sure will help is long way in building a motivated and performing team."

Customer Testimonails

Anil Bhatt, SBI Life Insurance

"Amazing, Learnt more skills in 1 day than in 10 years."

Customer Testimonails

Rajesh Kamath, Cerebrus Consultants

"Mind Maps have been extremely useful in getting Ideas flowing & then organising them during the course of work. Great tool to Plan & prioritize. I've used it to excellent effect in making Presentations and designing training programs."

Customer Testimonails

Keith Pinto, GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

"Mind Maps'’ from Tony Buzan have been the most cherished Tool for over 4 decades for people from every walk of life, in their relation with the Information Age. Maneesh and team have been instrumental in exposing and institutionalizing this into the syllabi of children, corporates and individuals in their efforts to cope and be competent in their own domain. Maneesh' diverse experience draws from world perspectives and examples on how 'Mind Map' has become the central theme in this 'New Age of Consciousness"

Customer Testimonails

Saif Ullah Khan, Ernst & Young

"Mind Maps present an overview along with the detailed plan & have increased learning & creativity. I have successfully applied the Mind Maps technique to taking notes, setting goals, solving problems, generating ideas, memorizing complex data, & planning complete training sessions.."